Drills=Skills Show 54 – Worlds & Summit 2018 Review

For the 54th Drills=Skill Shea, David, and Sean talked about World and Summit 2018.

Drills=Skills Show 53 – Worlds 2018

Worlds is the topic of discussion for David, Sean, and Shea on this week’s version of Drills=Skills.

Drills=Skills Show 51 – Scoring

This week Shea, Sean, and David talk about scoring and potential upcoming scoring changes.

Drills=Skills Show 49 – Progressions

This week David, Sean, and Shea talk about progressions.

Drills=Skills Show 47 – Bounce Backs

On the 47th edition of Drills=Skills, David, Sean, and Shea discuss the legality of bounce back passes, how to perform them safely and legally, and other thoughts following Dallas.

Drills=Skills Show 46 – Tumbling Rules Changes for 2018-19

Debbie Love joins David, Sean, and Shea to talk about the changes to the tumbling rules starting in the 2018-19 season.

Drills=Skills Show 44 – Basics & Fundamentals

The original crew is finally back together for the 44th episode of Drills=Skills.

Drills=Skills Show 43 – Visual Focus

Wendy Bruce-Martin returns to discuss the Visual Focus of tumbling on this week’s Drills=Skills.

Drills=Skills Show 42 – With Tom Balent

Tom Balent from Perfecta Flip joins Shea and David to talk about their products and how they can help tumbling.

Drills=Skills Show 40 – Thoughts on Early Competition Season

Shea and David share their thoughts on the early season competitions they’ve attended on the 40th Drills=Skills.