Tip: Intro

Improvement is a gradual thing. It’s very unlikely we’re going to find a breakthrough that moves us 10 steps forward. It’s much more likely we’ll have 10 incremental, small improvements that each move us 1 step forward. Over the course of this season my plan is publish 1 thing a week that will help us take 1 step forward, starting a little later today.

It’s likely you’ll already know some of them and others will be so simple that you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of them. Some of the ideas come from my friends in the industry and I’ll do my best to give them credit for them.

And for the record I don’t yet have enough tips to make it through the season, so if you have any please contact me.

Drills=Skills Show 30 – Focus & Confidence

Focus and Confidence are the topics for the 30th edition of Drills=Skills.

Drills=Skills Show 29 – Tumbling Choreography

Choreographer Cory Hines joins David, Sean, and Shea to discuss tumbling choreography on the 29th Drills=Skills show.

Drills=Skills Show 28 – Technique

This week’s Drills=Skills is all about technique.

Drills=Skills Show 27 – Warming Up & Stretching

The 27th edition of Drills=Skills features Sean, David and Shea talking about warming up and stretching.

Drills=Skills Show 26 – Standing Back Handsprings

On this week’s Drills=Skills David, Sean, and Shea break down the Standing Back Handspring.

Drills=Skills Show 25 – Missing Links

On the 25th Drills=Skills Casey Ballou from East Celebrity Elite joins Shea, Sean, and David to talk about the missing links to tumbling.

Drills=Skills Show 24 – Standing Tumbling

David and Shea discuss standing tumbling on today’s Drills=Skills.

Drills=Skills Show 23 – The Lunge

Sean returns to Drills=Skills to discuss the lunge and everything related to the lunge with Shea.

Drills=Skills Show 22 – Equipment

This week on Drills=Skills, Shea and David talk about their favorite equipment.